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Jonesing for Bordeaux

(October 19, 2009) You say you're discovering other regions? You're telling me Spain is the main thing these days? You stammer sweet nothings about Argentina, Greece, Portugal? Pah! You know you're still in love with Bordeaux.

If you won't admit it, I'll man up to it. When the dollar dived, Bordeaux broke my heart and sold her charms to higher bidders -- in Shanghai, Bangalore, Singapore, I don't know and she doesn't care! And maybe they'll treat her nice, bed her down in sexier cellars than I could afford, but I tell you what. They don't, won't, can't possibly love her like I do.

And maybe my cellar won't ever get photographed for Wine Spectator, but it's mine, all mine. And I've got memories like last Saturday's. They can't take that away from me:

**-1990 Lynch-Bages takes her time opening up and casting off earthy, decayed notes. By evening's end, she's offering up the cassis, blueberry and herbs I remember from previous dates. Going through an awkward stage?  Still has considerable oomph.

**+1999 Pichon Baron is the surprise star of the evening. Seemed light on release, but has taken on weight and explodes with flavor tonight. Cedar, tobacco, blackberry, classic Pauillac in its prime. The remainder of the bottle tasted just as good if not better the next night. Drink now and for the next few years. No reason to hold back.

**1999 Peter Michael Les Pavots is the ringer this evening. Biggest wine of the evening, but carries its weight and alcohol beautifully. Oak more noticeable here than in the other two, but that's okay. Olive, berries, cocoa and anise figure among the flavors. Drink now.